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Are you searching for a private label hair products manufacturer based in the Netherlands? Step behind the scenes at Branded Hair Products, a venture founded in July 2021 by Vincent Coté and Danny Tio. Together, the pair embarked on a journey to build the world’s most accessible private label hair products manufacturer. Aiming to help companies big and small achieve their goals.

In the early days of Branded Hair Products, we were working from a small lab, situated in Vincent’s home kitchen, but as the company grew and our clientele expanded we began to recognise a pattern… Most of our customers seemed to need more than just formulation services and contract manufacturing. Many of them were just establishing their brand and didn’t know where or how to start! This was a big ‘light bulb’ moment for us and we decided to work on building a much more comprehensive solution that would fit brands of all shapes and sizes.

As a founder or product manager you’re well aware of how scary and expensive starting a new brand can be. All of the steps involved are very intensive and time-consuming. It’s not just about formulating a high-quality product, it’s about everything that comes along with it, creating the packaging, designing the labels and scaling up production. Finding the right partners to take care of your company’s needs is exhausting.

That's where Branded Hair Products comes in clutch. Over the years, we have grown to have well over twelve long-term partners, who together form our private label ecosystem. Each one of our partners contributes to your brand differently, allowing for maximum flexibility that enables you to create a truly unique brand concept. Customise your brand on every level, from bespoke product formulations to tailor-made packaging and expertly designed labels. Our method allows companies of all sizes, including startups and SMEs, to turn their vision into reality. Smaller brands tend to be overlooked by more traditional private label hair product manufacturers because of low order volume. This can cause budding entrepreneurs to feel unheard and left in the dark. We vowed not to let that happen! With our experience in product development and production, we ensure that businesses, both large and small can launch without having to spend insane amounts of time and money.

At Branded Hair Products we strive to make launching your cosmetics brand as effortless as possible so that you can focus on things most important to you. If you are looking to save time and money as well as receive expert guidance in starting your cosmetics venture, schedule a brief introductory call with us and share your ideas!


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Managing Director

Vincent Coté


Office Coördinator

Justyna Podawca



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