Turn-key private label cosmetic solutions

Branded Hair Products is your partner in developing and producing high-quality private label cosmetics. In the world of cosmetics, it's crucial to distinguish yourself with unique and premium products. This, however, can be quite challenging, especially for newcomers!

Perhaps you recognize this - you have plenty of great ideas for your new cosmetic brand. So, you contact various private label cosmetic manufacturers, but you encounter the following obstacles:

  • Manufacturers don't take you seriously.
  • They're not willing to develop anything new for you.
  • Minimum order quantities are too high.

At Branded Hair Products, we solve these problems for you. With us, you can start with as little as 24 units. You have the option to personalize one of our existing formulas or develop your own private label cosmetics for a fixed fee. Production is facilitated through our platform and takes place within the EU. This makes establishing your own private label cosmetic line a breeze!

Our clients

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White label cosmetics don't have to be boring!

Explore our extensive range of barber products and set your brand apart by choosing the scent, packaging, and labels for your products. Are you aiming for a specific look? Our designers are ready to design the perfect packaging for you. Start from as little as 24 units and enjoy the benefits of having your own white label cosmetics brand.

  • Impress your customers with your own product line.
  • Buy directly from the factory and reduce your cost price up to 75%.
  • Prevent customer loss to (web) shops.



Private label cosmetics in small quantities, for brands with big ambitions!

Starting your own cosmetic brand is already a challenge in itself. Product development, compliance with laws and regulations, marketing - these are all crucial steps. Fortunately, you don't have to go through all of this alone. We provide turn-key solutions to businesses, large or small, in product development, production, and market positioning.

  • Develop your own formula for a fixed fee.
  • Launch quickly? See if you qualify for expedited development.
  • Get guidance from experts on laws and regulations.

About us

Inside our lab

Looking for a private label hair products manufacturer based in the Netherlands?

Take a look behind the scenes at Branded Hair Products! In July 2021 Vincent Coté and Danny Tio founded Branded Hair Products. Together they embarked on a journey to make bespoke hair cosmetics accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The company quickly expanded, trading its makeshift lab for a small-scale production facility. As client requests diversified, they decided to transform their business into a platform. Branded Hair Products now services clients in a handful of countries across Europe and the Americas.