Our story About us

Hey there! I’m Vincent Coté, founder of Mr. Coté - experts in men’s grooming products. At the age of 14, I developed a passion for men’s haircare and barbering. I wanted better hair but I couldn’t find products that met my needs, so I decided to create my own branded hair products. I spent countless hours in the kitchen melting different waxes and oils together, learning how hair products were made. That passion grew over the years, and when I was 17 I launched my first men’s grooming brand.

It was a tough journey. I wanted to create hair products that were unique to my brand. I wasn’t about to slap a sticker on a tin of goo and call it my own product. But most manufacturers I talked to refused to work with me. They saw only the risk and the liability, not the opportunity. Even those who did work with me took ages to reply, ignored deadlines and used their weight to push me around. The whole experience was torturous.

It wasn’t until I started meeting with barbershops (to pitch my products) that I found out they, too, wanted to start their own product lines but couldn’t find a manufacturer who met their needs. All the barbers I met were highly dedicated to their craft. Unsurprisingly, they wanted products that were unique to them and their barbershop - containing specific oils or a fragrance based on their favorite cologne, for example. All the manufacturers they could find (if they even found any) required them to order more than 1,000 pieces or sacrifice any kind of product customisation.

This had to change. I persuaded a few barbershops to join me on the project and we got to work. After more than 8 months of testing, we developed a system of customisable “base formulas” that allows you as a brand owner to select tried-and-tested product formulations and customise them to your liking by adding fragrances and changing the packaging. You can even create your own tailor-made fragrance inspired by existing perfumes or formulated from scratch.

We’ve helped many barbershops create products they’re proud of, and we hope to help many more. Want to find out how we can work together? Get in touch today!

Our motto We help you build a thriving men’s grooming brand

~ Vincent Coté