Tailored men's grooming products for

Your brand is unique, and so are your customers. All our branded hair products are individually tailored to your brand - meaning you choose the fragrance and packaging that reflects it - even for low minimum orders.

65% higher profit margin

Compared to name brands

24 pieces minimum order

Grow at your own pace

Custom packaging & scent

Your products, your brand

Only 3 simple steps How it works

Our 3-step process helps you build a thriving men’s grooming brand while staying on top of your budget.

Step 1 Pick your formula

With an ever-growing number of formulas available, you’re sure to find what you need for your business. Our formulas span the full range of haircare, beard treatments, and skincare.


Step 2 Create your products

Every brand is different, so why should your branded hair products be the same as everyone else's? Choose from a wide selection of packaging and fragrance options to reflect your brand.

Step 3 Design your labels

Download our easy-to-use templates and create your own labels. Or let us do the design work for you. Our design services start at €175. See our logo or label design pages for more information.


Why work with us Your benefits

  • Choose packaging and fragrance

    We do so much more than just slap your sticker on a tin of goo and call it a day… We help you tailor not only your packaging but even the fragrance of the product itself. That’s some serious branding.

  • Low minimum order

    Most manufacturers require you to order 1,000 pieces or more. But what if your business changes direction? With us, you can launch your brand with just 24 pieces, so you can always change your mind.

  • Exclusive fragrances

    In addition to branded hair products, we offer entirely customisable fragrances for both men and women. So you get to create a signature scent for your brand, ceremony or event.

Matte and styled Haircare

Matte-finish styling clay that holds firm while looking all-natural.


Soft and nourished Shave & Beard

Nourishing yet non-greasy facial oil that brings out the best in your beard.


want something else? bespoke formula

Bespoke service for those who want a truly one-of-a-kind product.


What do people have to say? Customer reviews

The BarberLounge

The products arrived yesterday and I have already sold 10 of them!

Cutzooi Barbershop

We have tripled our sales of beard oil. Beard oil is now the fastest-moving product in our range.

Wilson's Barbershop

Big thanks to Branded Hair Products for top quality hair and beard products for the Wilson's Barbershop product line. All customers are very satisfied and looking forward to new products.

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